DIY Kits


I-Otega 3-1-1 Kit
  • Smart Panel With dualband communications and LTE Radio
  • 3 Wireless Slim Contacts
  • 1 Pet Immune Motion Detector

Iotega 7" Touch Screen
  • Wireless PowerG Slim Contact $35
  • Wireless PowerG Motion $65.00
  • Wireless PowerG Glassbreak $75.00
  • 2-way Audio HD 180 Indoor Camera with Blue tooth Speaker $260.00
  • Tax 8.412% Az sales tax rate
  • Delivery Fee $20
  • Free pick up in office
  • Self Monitoring starting @$20 a month
  • Professionally Monitored starting @ $40 a month

To learn more, watch this video from iotega or click here.


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