About Us

G & T Alarm Company is 100% locally owned and operated.

G & T Locksmith Safe And Alarm Company was established in 1969 by George Mezei and has remained a family business throughout the years. After George started the business here in the Yuma area, his son Thomas learned all the skills needed to become a security professional and took over the business. While father and son were doing the manual labor, mom aka Flo was doing the bookkeeping and the finances. G & T Alarm Company has come a long way since then and has proved itself to be a pillar of the community. The company is now run by George's granddaughter Brianna McNeely.

G & T Alarm Company distinguishes itself among the other alarm companies by providing the absolute best customer service in the security industry. G & T also provides 100% local alarm monitoring where you will always speak to a real person.